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Desk one

Desk One Ergo Pro

Desk One Ergo Pro

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Desk One Ergo Pro Series: A Paradigm of Ergonomic Excellence and Robust Design

Embrace the fusion of professional-grade durability and peak comfort with the Desk One Ergo Pro. This chair isn't just part of the furniture; it's a cornerstone of daily productivity and wellbeing, meticulously crafted for those who aspire to redefine their workspace comfort. It's where the chair doesn't just accommodate, but enhances your pursuit of excellence.

Design & Comfort:

  • U-Shaped Headrest: Experience the pinnacle of comfort with our adjustable and rotatable headrest, providing an unwavering support system for the mind to thrive.
  • Unique Arc Backrest: Mirroring the contours of the human spine, this backrest ensures an ergonomic posture, diminishing fatigue and fostering sustained productivity.

Durability & Standards:

  • Rigorous Testing: Complying with BIFMA X5.1-2017 standards, the Ergo Pro stands tall against the demands of daily use, assuring longevity and reliability.
  • Seat and Structure Endurance: The chair's seat can bear 108KG, tested over 107K cycles, while the seat rod can sustain a 122KG load, ensuring a stalwart companion for your professional journey.

Functionality & Support:

  • Versatile Armrests: The 2D armrests adjust to your needs, offering consistent support for a variety of tasks and comfort levels.
  • Humanized Reclining Chassis: Adjust your seating angle from 103° to 130° with ease, locking in the most comfortable position for task or repose.

Materials & Build:

  • Breathable Mesh: The resilient mesh PA backrest is framed for support and designed for all-day coolness and comfort.
  • Durable Fabric: Selected for both endurance and ease of care, the nylon fabric maintains a professional appearance without demanding maintenance.

Mobility & Stability:

  • Silent Smooth Wheels: Outfitted with advanced PU "edging" technology, these wheels offer silent and smooth transitions across office environments, respecting both focus and flooring.

Technical Details:

  • Proportions: Crafted to suit various body types, the chair's dimensions ensure universal access to ergonomic support.
  • Capacity: Though lightweight in design, it confidently supports a considerable weight, underscoring the chair's robust construction.

The Desk One Ergo Pro Series stands as a testament to what modern seating should embody - intuitive design, enduring support, and the ability to inspire productivity through comfort.

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