Top 7 Places to Buy Stand Up Desks: Elevate Your Workspace in 2024

The demand for stand up desks has surged, driven by growing awareness of the health benefits associated with alternating between sitting and standing while working. As we move into 2024, more individuals and businesses are seeking high-quality, ergonomic solutions to enhance productivity and well-being in the workplace. This article explores some of the best places to buy stand up desks, highlighting their offerings and unique features. Among these, DESKONE Online Store stands out as a premier destination for innovative office furniture.

Benefits of Stand Up Desks

Before diving into where to buy stand up desks, it's essential to understand why they have become so popular. Here are some key benefits:

  • Improved Posture: Stand up desks encourage better posture by reducing the tendency to slouch.
  • Increased Energy Levels: Alternating between sitting and standing can help maintain higher energy levels throughout the day.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Many users report improved focus and productivity when using a stand up desk.
  • Reduced Risk of Health Issues: Prolonged sitting is linked to various health issues, including back pain and cardiovascular problems. Stand up desks can mitigate these risks.

Now, let's explore some top places to buy stand up desks in 2024.

1. DESKONE Online Store

Top 7 Places to Buy Stand Up Desks


Discover a world where office furniture transcends the ordinary, where innovation meets functionality, and where your workspace becomes an oasis of productivity and style. At DESKONE, they are not just a furniture destination; they are your partners in creating inspiring and efficient work environments. Located in the heart of Queensland, with bases in Yatala and the Sunshine Coast, DESKONE has earned its stripes as a trusted wholesale supplier of top-tier office furniture.

Product Highlight: Electrical Sit Stand Desk 1.5M with Desk Top

Product Highlight: Electrical Sit Stand Desk 1.5M with Desk Top
  • Price: $320.00
  • Features:
    • Electric Adjustment: Easily switch between sitting and standing positions with the push of a button.
    • Sturdy Construction: Built to last, ensuring stability and durability.
    • Spacious Surface: The 1.5M desk top provides ample space for all your work essentials.
    • Ergonomic Design: Promotes better posture and reduces strain.

Why Choose DESKONE

DESKONE specializes in crafting premium office desks and ergonomic chairs, offering a vast selection of furniture solutions designed to cater to the unique needs of modern offices. Their products are designed with both functionality and aesthetics in mind, ensuring that your workspace is not only efficient but also stylish.



IKEA is a global leader in affordable and stylish furniture. Known for their innovative designs and functional pieces, IKEA offers a range of stand up desks to suit different needs and budgets.

Product Highlight: BEKANT Desk

  • Price: $529.00
  • Features:
    • Height Adjustable: Manual crank allows for smooth height adjustment.
    • Large Work Surface: Spacious enough for multiple monitors and accessories.
    • Cable Management: Integrated cable management to keep your workspace tidy.

Why Choose IKEA

IKEA's stand up desks are designed to be both functional and affordable. Their products are easy to assemble and come with detailed instructions. Plus, IKEA offers a variety of styles and finishes to match any decor.

3. UPLIFT Desk


UPLIFT Desk is a leading provider of ergonomic office furniture, known for their high-quality, customizable stand up desks. They focus on providing solutions that enhance comfort and productivity.

Product Highlight: UPLIFT V2 Standing Desk

  • Price: Starting at $599.00
  • Features:
    • Electric Adjustment: Smooth and quiet electric height adjustment.
    • Customizable Options: Multiple desktop sizes, colors, and materials available.
    • Advanced Stability: Designed for maximum stability, even at the highest setting.
    • Health Benefits: Encourages movement and reduces the risks associated with prolonged sitting.

Why Choose UPLIFT Desk

UPLIFT Desk stands out for its high level of customization and quality. They offer a wide range of accessories to complement their desks, including keyboard trays, monitor arms, and cable management solutions. Their desks are built to enhance your work experience and support a healthy lifestyle.

4. Fully


Fully is committed to creating office furniture that promotes a healthier, more active workday. They offer a range of stand up desks designed to fit seamlessly into any workspace.

Product Highlight: Jarvis Standing Desk

  • Price: Starting at $549.00
  • Features:
    • Electric Adjustment: Fast and reliable electric height adjustment.
    • Sustainable Materials: Made with environmentally friendly materials.
    • Robust Construction: Sturdy frame and high weight capacity.
    • Ergonomic Design: Supports a variety of postures and positions.

Why Choose Fully

Fully’s products are designed with sustainability and ergonomics in mind. They offer a variety of desk sizes and finishes, allowing you to create a workspace that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Fully also provides excellent customer support and a comprehensive warranty.

5. Varidesk


Varidesk is well-known for their sit-stand desk converters, but they also offer a range of full stand up desks. Their products are designed to be easy to use and integrate into any office setup.

Product Highlight: ProDesk 60 Electric

  • Price: $650.00
  • Features:
    • Electric Adjustment: Effortless electric height adjustment.
    • Spacious Design: Large desktop area to accommodate all your work essentials.
    • Durable Construction: Built with high-quality materials for long-lasting use.
    • Ease of Assembly: Quick and easy setup with no tools required.

Why Choose Varidesk

Varidesk is synonymous with convenience and ease of use. Their products are designed to be user-friendly and require minimal assembly. Varidesk also offers a variety of accessories to enhance your sit-stand workstation.

6. Autonomous


Autonomous offers smart office solutions designed to improve productivity and well-being. They provide a range of stand up desks with advanced features and modern designs.

Product Highlight: SmartDesk 2

  • Price: Starting at $399.00
  • Features:
    • Electric Adjustment: Smooth and quiet electric lift system.
    • Programmable Settings: Memory presets for quick adjustment to your preferred heights.
    • Robust Frame: Sturdy and stable frame for reliable use.
    • Modern Design: Sleek and contemporary design to complement any office.

Why Choose Autonomous

Autonomous stands out for its focus on technology and innovation. Their desks are equipped with advanced features that make adjusting and using the desk easy and intuitive. Autonomous also offers competitive pricing and excellent customer service.

7. FlexiSpot


FlexiSpot specializes in ergonomic office furniture, offering a range of stand up desks designed to enhance comfort and productivity. They are known for their affordable and reliable products.

Product Highlight: EN1 Standing Desk

  • Price: $299.00
  • Features:
    • Electric Adjustment: Smooth electric height adjustment.
    • Durable Surface: High-quality desktop surface that resists scratches and stains.
    • Ergonomic Design: Designed to reduce strain and improve posture.
    • Affordability: Competitive pricing without compromising on quality.

Why Choose FlexiSpot

FlexiSpot offers some of the most affordable stand up desks on the market without sacrificing quality. Their desks are easy to assemble and come with a variety of features to enhance your work experience. FlexiSpot is an excellent choice for budget-conscious buyers looking for ergonomic solutions.

Final Toughts

Investing in a stand up desk is a step towards a healthier and more productive work environment. Whether you are looking for affordability, advanced features, or sustainable materials, there are plenty of options to choose from in 2024. DESKONE Online Store stands out for its high-quality products and commitment to creating inspiring workspaces. Other notable mentions like IKEA, UPLIFT Desk, Fully, Varidesk, Autonomous, and FlexiSpot also offer excellent choices to suit various needs and budgets.

Remember to consider factors such as desk size, adjustment mechanism, material quality, and additional features when selecting the perfect stand up desk for your workspace. By choosing the right desk, you can enhance your productivity, improve your posture, and create a more dynamic and enjoyable work environment.

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